Getting by...

2010-02-22 19:47:54 by DefianceLLK

Yeah, I know I've said I will make more music in the coming months, too bad I didn't know how occupied I'd be with school and all. So, just keep you're ears open. Also, I'm joining a claymation collab here on Newgrounds, so I may be a part of my first film on this site real soon :) peace!

More coming...

2009-10-06 12:06:58 by DefianceLLK

Well, I've managed to upload my first 3 pieces of audio to this awesome website. I've made others, but I don't really think they are worthy enough to be uploaded here. Most of them need more work and thought put into them, others were rushed, and some were ideas that didn't sound too great in the end. So, I'll be rolling out some fresh new stuff in the near future. Stay alert... /edit/383801#

Hello fellow members of Newgrounds! I am very excited at becoming a new member here on this awesome site! I've been meaninng to become a member for several years now but never got around to doing it until now. (Thank god I have more free time in college lol.) So, I plan on staying in touch with newgrounds for a long time to come! And...I just finished my first post on Newgrounds! WOOHOO!!!!